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    Lake Tõhela holiday village, which is about 40 km from Pärnu, is located in Tõstamaa rural municipality, Männikuste village near the 15th kilometre post on Kalli-Tõstmaa road. There are signposts leading the way.
    The holiday village is a 1.5 ha area by lake Tõhela. It is part of the Ermistu-Tõhela limited conservation area. The lake is rich in fish and there are many different species of birds nesting here, including the white-tailed eagle, which in good luck can be seen with binoculars.
    We provide accommodation in six camp cottages, four of which fit four people and two of which fit seven. There are 30 beds all together, but extra beds can be added.
     The 27 m2 woodburning sauna is located about 10 meters from the lake. We rent boats, canoes and fishing equipment. There is a nice sandy beach for swimming, a stone breakwater, wharfs, shelters, an area for campfire and means to barbecue in the territory. It is possible to pre-order catering for up to 30 people.